Webinar - Wie die neue GfK Lifstyle Segmentierung strategisches Marketing unterstützt

16. Jan 2019 • News • GfK Austria GmbH • Seminar • Online & IKT & Elektronik • Marketing & Medien

Do you wonder if you are currently addressing the right target groups? Are you looking for potential new customers? What should you keep in mind for product development and positioning? In order to be successful, we enable you to understand: WHOM to target, HOW and WHERE. There are many ways to segment people; by socio-demographics, needs, product usage. But not every segmentation is substantial or actionable for your business needs.

The GfK Roper Consumer Styles – ready for the digital age!
Date: February 6, 2019 / 10:00-10:45 AM

In this webinar, we would like to introduce you to GfK’s updated Roper Consumer Styles:

  • How does a lifestyle segmentation support your marketing & communication strategy as well as your product & portfolio management?
  • What is the value compared to other segmentations?
  • Who is ADAM and the rest of the GfK Roper Consumer Styles family?
  • How can you use GfK Roper Consumer Styles to grow your business?

This webinar is reaching out to anyone tasked with driving growth in all kinds of industries – with focus on Marketing, Communication, Product Management and Market Research.

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