GfK Webinar Consumer Outlook 2020

27. Jan 2020 • News • GfK Austria GmbH

What moves consumers today and what are the trends of tomorrow? Get the whole picture with our Consumer Outlook 2020

Datum: 06. Feb 2020
Beginn: 10:00 Uhr Ende: 10:45 Uhr

You’re an expert in your field but in order to grow, you need to see beyond the horizon. That’s why it’s important to understand trends and set the right course for your business. But how can you do that?

Our GfK trend experts will help you stay a step ahead of the marketplace by understanding the forces that motivate consumers so that you can harness them to your advantage. On the basis of our international trend study GfK Consumer Life we will give you additional insight into changes in consumer behavior and how they can affect your business. In “Consumer Outlook 2020,” we not only take the pulse of consumer sentiment today, but also offer guidelines for navigating potential speedbumps and opportunities in the near future. As a result, you can explore opportunities for product development or strategic planning and maximize growth potential to the full.

In our webinar we will leverage the latest global GfK Consumer Life insights and answer the following questions:

  • How are consumer mood & priorities evolving in Europe?
  • What can you expect from consumers in 2020?  What effect will current trends like the sustainability movement,  neo-individualism or safety seeking have on consumer behavior? And whom do consumers trust in a complex world?
  • How can GfK Consumer Life help you to understand the complex consumers of tomorrow and their needs?

This webinar will help anyone tasked with driving growth in all kinds of industries – with focus on Business Development, Marketing, Communication, Product Management and Market Research.

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